Đầu Cân sensocar SC-1


Đầu Cân sensocar SC-1 là loại cân rất tiện dụng và được ưa chuộng. Đầu Cân sensocar SC-1 còn là loại cân được thiết kế với độ chính xác cao và ưu điểm vượt trội. Các bạn hãy liên hệ với công ty chúng tôi để có Đầu Cân sensocar SC-1 chất lượng, giá rẻ. Để biết thêm chi tiết xin vui lòng liên hệ Công ty cân điện tử Hưng Thịnh - Điện Thoại : ( 08 ).3512.34.53, Fax : ( 08 ).3512.34.54 Website : www.canhungthinh.com.

Dau Can sensocar SC-1

Dau Can sensocar SC-1 la loai can rat tien dung va duoc ua chuong. Cac ban hay lien he voi cong ty chung toi de co Dau Can sensocar SC-1 chat luong, gia re. De biet them chi tiet xin vui long lien he cong ty can dien tu Hung Thinh - Điện Thoại : ( 08 ).3512.34.53, Fax : ( 08 ).3512.34.54 Website : www.canhungthinh.com.

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Đầu Cân sensocar SC-1, Dau Can sensocar SC-1

Đầu Cân sensocar SC-1,  Dau Can sensocar SC-1


Class III Maximum Certification
10000 divisions
1µV step
40? load (16 load cells of 700?
Additional plug & work hardware
Optimized software with all program optionals embedded
19, 40, 60 and 100 mm versions, with ultrabright LED.
Manual weight adjustment
Autocalibration without needing new adjustments.
Weighing accumulation and autoaccumulation.
On/Off by key.
Manual tare function.
Piececounter function.
Dynamic and animal weighing dedicated functions.
Discharge function for GROSS-TARE-NET tickets.
Flexible and fully-programmable multirange
User-definible linearization until 16 points.
Ticket repetition and ticket-per-weighing option.
Data dumping and configuration through PC.
6 selectable languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, English and German.

· SC 1/A: Analogic indicator
· SC 1/D: Digital load cells indicator
· SC 1/BAT6: Internal 6 V battery indicator
· SC 1/BAT12: For external battery 12 V indicator
· SC 1/RELES: 4 to 6 relay output 
· SC 1/REP: Repeater indicator
· SC 1/4-20 ó SC1/0-10: 4-20 mA / 0-10 V analogic output
· SC 1/IP65: Protected against humidity IP-65
· SC 1/RS: RS-232/485 optocoupled output


- Span, fraction and decimals fully customizables.
- Extended accumulation as standard, millions of accumulations with 48-bit totalizer.
- Accumulated Big Total option.
- Scroll, ticket’s header and foot customizables.
- Communication channels Self-testing as standard.
- Negative auto-zero as standard to avoid platform’s zero errors.
- Intelligent Indicator/Repeater pairs as standard with more than 50 market protocols with remote tare, zero and accumulation functionalities.
- Proprietary own protocol –S-, For addressable indicator networks (via cable or radio), with RS232 relay actions, net and gross requests, tare, zero and accumulation actions, battery level, serial number, software version, etc.
- Cost-saving and energy optimization, programmable auto-shutdown time.
- Self-described alarms, notices and progress bar system through display for relay processes enhancement.

Optional hardware

- IP-65 protection class against humidity.
- Internal 6V battery.
- External 12V battery.
- Clock, calendar and additional memory.
- 2 Optocoupled inputs and 6 relay outputs
- Current output for automata.
- Voltage output for automata.
- Second optocoupled serial channel for printer
- Converts 1st or 2nd RS232 optocoupled channel to RS485.
- Converts 1st or 2nd RS232 channel to RF
- Bibascule
- DSD feature (until 4000 weighings)


- Customized spcial software.
- Customizable SENSORED communication system for indicator networks.
- Battery level indication (if any).
- Filling by pulse function (litters counting).

Available printers

· LX-300 from EPSON
· SRP 275 from SAMSUNG
· SP298 from STAR
· Other on request


· TLP 2844 from ZEBRA

Technical data

Accuracy class III
Maximum number of verification scale intervals 10000
Load cell excitation power supply 8 V DC
Max. signal voltage for dead load 16 mV
Minimum signal voltage for dead load 0 mV
Minimum input voltage per verification scale interval 1 µV
Measuring range minimum voltage 8 mV
Measuring range maximum voltage 24 mV
Minimum load cell impedance 40 ?
Maximum load cell impedance 2000 ?
Minimum temperature range -10º C
Maximum temperature range 40º C
Power supply requirements (options SC1/A or SC1/D) 220 V AC
Power supply requirements (option SC1BAT6 or SC1/BAT12) 6 ó 12 V DC
Sense system Available
Load cell cable length
4 wire systems 5 m/mm2
6 wire systems No limit


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